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Sparking the

World's Potential

A Company With A Purpose

Arm has fundamentally changed the world; they design the microprocessors in 95% of the smartphones on the planet, not to mention TVs, laptops, cars, and every other object with a computer chip. The trouble is, very few people understand why they exist and the impact they’re making on the world. They needed to clearly articulate their purpose to the world and asked us to help with our StoryFinding process.

At the end of this process, we were able to create a statement that encapsulated Arm's history, the reason it exists, and the good it does in the world.

We conducted 10 hours of stakeholder interviews, and embarked on 8 competitive analyses. To make sure Arm's purpose connected in every market in which they do business, we commissioned a PESTE analysis in every major global market.

Workshops across the US and UK provided additional insights and provided an opportunity for employees at every level of the company, from C-Suites to junior office assistants to swap ideas.

Concepts, ideas and theories were pressured tested against company wide surveys, implicit association tests, and social listening studies. 

What you're really good at

What you're really passionate about

What the world needs from you

Purpose Benefits

Company, Culture, Colleagues

Bringing People Together to Spark the World's Potential

Announced by their CEO, Simon Segars at a global, all-hands meeting, Arm's purpose now serves as a core guiding principle. Adopted by key managers, embedded in the 5 year corporate strategy, and unfurled at developer conferences, the purpose is an integral part to Arm's day-to-day messaging. It serves as a reminder to Arm employees and the greater world why Arm exists.

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