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  • Josh von Scheiner

Arm's The New Reality Series is Live!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We’re excited to share our latest work with Arm. We’ve just released the 3rd episode of The New Reality series. Hosted by scientist and technologist Dr. Poppy Crum, each episode looks at companies using Arm technologies to digitally empower people and change the world we live in.

Episode 1: Immersion and Engagement

What’s next for immersive engagement on screen-based mobile devices? Futurist Poppy Crum, Leia CEO David Fattal, and Arm’s Rahoul Varma explore the power of nanotechnology and AI to deliver ultra-realistic 3D experiences.

Episode 2: Feedback and Stimulation

Technology and neuroplasticity? In this episode, technologist Poppy Crum discusses how technology changes us as we engage with it. We see these principles put into action with Floreo, a company using mobile devices and VR to improve the lives of children and adults with autism. Ketan Shah at Arm dives into the mobile processor developments these new technologies require.

Episode 3: AI & Education

Poppy Crum, Merlyn Mind CEO Satya Nitta, and Arm insider Michael Lu explore the power of edge-device digital assistants to help teachers performs tasks easier, so students learn better.

More episodes coming soon, which we'll be excited to share as they launch.

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