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Designing an endorsement network.

Building trust with a beauty customer.

We all pay attention to the ingredients in our food but very few people care about the ingredients they put on their skin. Why? Turns out, many people care more about product efficacy (erase fine lines!) than we do the long term health of our skin. Weleda is different. Not only are their products crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients, they actually work. The problem is, everybody else says the same thing.


Identifying an interconnected network of influence.

Instead of using influencers as a method of reach, we looked to capitalize on their position and expertise. We partnered with professional and celebrity makeup artists, focusing on those with a long history in the industry, well known amongst their peers. They shared their own experiences, recommendations, and Weleda product use cases. We sponsored their work during red carpet season. And we provided their mentees and colleagues Weleda packages of their own to try.

In just a few months, we were able to reach our customers with a credible endorsement from people they trust, shifting the conversation. Most importantly, as more people became comfortable with the efficacy of Weleda products, we saw sales dramatically increase.


The Results


sales growth in 3 months


product in category

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